Saturday, November 9, 2013

H is for Halloween

Pre-Halloween weekend in Seoul at two parties. First, on the rooftop at Base Camp for the "Wurst Halloween Party Ever!" and second, at two cool apartments in Sangsu. Both nights we ended up hopping around Hongdae. Just toted around my little point-and-shoot Olympus, as is Halloween tradition, and snapped a bunch of very random photos. Some costumes, some drinks, some people, some new friends :)



KakaoTalk characters in the flesh, best costumes
Jared getting his smokey eye did
Braid-y Bunch

I took some super creeper photos of the second apartment. It was wacky and awesome.

My weekends since have been relatively low-key, and I'm actually all caught up on blog posts for the first time ever. Honestly never thought I'd see the day. We're back to SoKo mode here on the blog, but you can still find photos from my trips to Japan under "Tokyo Takes" on the right.

 Goodbye OF x JAPAN banner!


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Global Venue Mix said...

Looks so much fun. The lighting is terrific.