Monday, December 2, 2013

fall meets winter

Last week, I went on my third and final culture trip with my POE, which hosts these three-day excursions for all of the Gangwon TaLk scholars once each semester. This time we were taken to Gyeongju and Pohang, and although I'd already made the trip to Gyeongju this past summer, the change of seasons brought with it a completely different landscape. Where we were once treated to neon hills, lush-with-life greenery, and the warmth of June, we were now looking at a rainbow palette of autumnal colours (drab and bright alike) with an occasional sprinkling of powdery snow, the biting cold of winter in tow. Hard to believe it's already December. 

Cavern was under construction/renos
Fountain of youth
Feeling fresh and revitalized after lapping up some of that miracle youth water

At Bulguksa, many of its trees had yet to shed their leaves. Really quite beautiful, and a welcome change from the bare branches of Wonju.

The hot pink ajummas of Korea are definitely a cultural icon
You can't miss em.
Persimmon tree
Always "one more"

Gyeongju National Museum

Gangnam Style!
Hearts from my baby bros
I spy Sean
Hard to believe these guys used to look more like this

Pohang area
Not entirely sure where this beach was actually.

POSCO, Korea's largest steelmaker (no photos were permitted past the museum)

On the walk towards the giant hand sculpture in the ocean, Pohang.

Ticket home has been purchased. Less than thirty days left in the classroom. Time really does fly!
I'll save the sap for a later post.

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